My Simple Guide to Affiliate Marketing for Beginners


Most people start internet marketing as an affiliate because you do not have to invest too much, and it is the simplest form of making money online.

As an affiliate, you don’t have to deal with customers, delivery of products, payments and etc. The only thing you have to do is send potential customers to the vendor’s website. If an individual you send, buy a service or product then you got your percentage or a fixed amount of money. In other words, they share their revenue.

Probably you want to know, how to start affiliate marketing with little or no investment and if it is possible to be successful without prior online experience. The answer is yes.

The only thing you need to be successful at affiliate marketing is to reach potential buyers and direct them to the vendor’s website after warming them, and there are many ways of doing this. You can create a blog, a YouTube channel, use forums or social media around a topic to reach your audience. Today setting a WordPress blog or a YouTube channel is almost an automated process. The hard part is creating content that attracts people and makes them find your content.


So here is the basic plan, inspect it and think if you can be an affiliate:

  • Find a niche/topic you will be eager to create content about (
  • Find an affiliate program (Amazon affiliate program, Clickbank, etc.)
  • Find one or more platform to reach people, a website, a YouTube channel, social media… Keep in mind that most big websites hate affiliate marketers
  • Create content and audience(blog posts, video)
  • Send your visitors to the merchant’s website
  • Profit

Let’s take a look at our beginners plan in detail:

Find a niche

You must find your niche that is not too competitive and at the same time it must be something that you can write about. Also, there must be enough number of affiliate products in that niche which will bring you some money.

Find an affiliate program

If you study step one, you must have some options, so select one that is trusted, whose products are easy to promote and pays well.

There are many programs to join as an affiliate, and most of them accept you after you fill an application form with standard boxes like name, address, phone number, email and payment method.


Find a platform

The medium you will promote products is very important. Even you use your blog, social media or YouTube, create a blog that you have full control on. As I said before, big websites usually hate affiliate marketers, especially direct links to vendors, so instead of using direct links, get people to your website first. It has many other advantages that we will cover later. Setting up a WordPress site is easier than you think, it is cheap too, most hosting companies get very little for the first year. You can setup a professional looking website with lots of functionality with free plugins. You can learn how to setup a self-hosted WordPress blog here: How to Create Your Own Affiliate WordPress Blog

Create Content

Create content that will attract, inform, help them make their decision and finally convince them to buy your offer. In other terms, the content must convert your visitors into buyers. Think of a customer who is about to buy an item, but he has a last concern/question about the product if he finds the answer on your website and checks your link for the current offer he will probably buy the product and make you get a commission.

Send Your Visitor to the Products Page

Make the visitors click the affiliate links, after this, you cannot do much, so you must convince them before leaving your website.


Watch your earnings and your expenses closely.


Other Tips

  • Promoting physical products for beginners is easier than promoting digital products and services.
  • Inspect other people’s strategies and methods also try to learn if they are happy with a particular affiliate program.
  • Focus on building traffic and trust; these two are the most important aspects of affiliate marketing.
  • Do not promote every product, be selective. Also, don’t misinform people about a product.
  • Track your links; see what is working and what is not.

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