How to Become a Good Affiliate

affiliate-marketing-triangleAffiliate programs are arrangements that pay you a commission in return if the people you send to them buy some product from them, and this will only happen if you become a good affiliate marketer.

As you know, in a basic affiliate program scheme there are three parties involved;

  1. Advertiser , the merchant site: A company selling any product or service online. They need people that have an interest in their products or service.
  2. Affiliate site, also called publisher: That is your website or blog. You promote an advertiser’s product or service to earn a commission. There are also big companies that operate as an affiliate too.
  3. The customer: The most important part of this relationship is the customer. The people visiting your website for information or an interest are potential customers.

To be a successful affiliate and earn good commissions, your website or blog must somehow help customers and convince them to take action and buy the product or service you are promoting.

So you must ask yourself if the content you create and the product or service you refer them;

Find a solution to their problem

Your website can help people by finding a solution to their problems, it can be a physical product,  a book or an online course. People always search Google to find solutions to their problems. So help them find their solution on your website and refer related products.

Answer their questions

Think of a potential customer wants to learn if a product has some certain feature or wants to learn if it is good for their small house and find the answer on your website, her or she will probably buy the product. Also, you can help them by finding cheaper options or a better product that is more suitable.

Are the product you are promoting is in high demand

This one is very important, and one of the most common beginners’ mistakes. If the product or service is in low demand, you won’t  make enough sales. So research the demand and search volume before promoting a product or choosing a niche for your blog or website.

Are your content better than your competitors

You must ask yourself honestly that if the solutions and answers on your website or products you refer to them better than other competitors. Why people will visit your website instead of other hundreds of websites. Your website or blog must also be up-to-date with the market, so you must follow new trends and new product.

Are the products you are advertising related to your visitors

If your website is about  “table saws”  show your visitors advertisements  about woodworking, or  if your blog’s visitors are mostly moms then showing them ads for baby products.

For small niche websites, this is usually not a problem but if your website has several sections that target audience with different interests, organizing your website to show different ads and offers based on categories will help you increase your sales.


So to become a good affiliate, you must help customers with your great content. But remember writing a great content does not mean writing lots of huge articles that cover every little detail, which is very hard for a single person unless you are investing a good sum of money for outsourcing.

If you are a beginner think smart, search forums and find out what people ask about an item. My most money making pages answer simple questions about a product, and these pages are usually 200-300 words long, sometimes less is more. So if you like the idea of making money online while helping others, consider building your own affiliate blog or website.



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