Choosing the Right Niche for Your Affiliate Blog

choose-a-nicheOne of the most important mistakes that beginners make is starting a blog that they know nothing about because they see other people make money with that niche. If you want your blog to contain interesting posts that attract people, you must know more than your visitors. I always see people start blogs around a topic they do not like and after a few months later they stop writing new content and jump to another blog project.

Also, there are other things to consider when you chose your niche for an affiliate blog.

  • Is that niche easy to make money?
  • Are there enough affiliate programs and products to promote?
  • Can you compete in that niche and position your blog as an authority?
  • Will you be passionate enough about the subject one year later and can continue to write new things about it?
  • Is that niche will be popular next year too?
  • Is it broad enough?

If you answered “yes” to most of these questions, then you can start blogging on that niche and maybe you can even make a living from your blog.

So to find a niche I suggest you to list down all the things you know and have interest about. Think your experiences, your daily job, your hobbies etc. There is a very little number of niches that you cannot make money from, so try to see the potential in less popular niches where there is little competition.

Before moving on let’s think of some examples of profitable affiliate niches:

If you like fitness you can blog about fitness, your progress then you can review fitness products, promote fitness related products like training programs etc.

If you are a stay at mom who has a little baby, you can blog about  daily problems about parenting, recommend and review baby products, so you will never have a hard time to find something to write about. By the way, there are really many moms making money online with affiliate marketing using their blogs, because they really know the topics they write about and help others.

So if you are not sure that a niche is suitable for affiliate marketing, search the web for blogs in that niche and see how they are monetized. Do they promote Amazon products, collecting emails or offer digital products to their readers? Also, inspect their content, can you create such or better content.

I think there is only one way to start a blog about a topic you know very little about,   “a starter blog” that you write about your efforts on learning or building something. DIY blogs and tutorial blogs are a very good example of this kind of blogs. They take a long time and patience to build but it will attract people and a great way to build your audience day by day.

In summary, take your time and chose your niche carefully not to waste your time. Writing 10 posts about a topic you are passionate for is easier than writing one post about a topic you have little interest on.

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