Best Niches for Amazon Affiliates

niche-imgI think you can promote almost any product on Amazon and become successful but there are some product groups that are more profitable. When choosing your product group for your niche Amazon website it is best to go to and browse the product categories to see which products are popular. You can understand it by the review count of the products.

Before my opinion on best products to promote, let me remind you that if a product category is very popular, it also means that there is lots of competition. Think about smartphones, there are many authority websites and technology blogs spending thousands of dollars per month to rank for these products on search engines. So, we must find products that are popular but have a reasonable competition. Also, as I always tell, it must be something you want to search and write about.

There is also some criteria for me to  choose items to promote:

  • The price of the products in your product category should be at least $100 and more.
  • When I type a popular product name in that category on google, autofill must suggest “product name + review” or “product name + specs”, this means people are searching for this item.
  • When I search a popular product name on Google, there must me some niche website on the first page or just big stores like Amazon, Target, and Walmart. If the first page is full of big authority blogs it means it is very unlikely to beat them.
  • The products I choose are not seasonal, like pool filters etc.


Above is a view of my amazon affiliate earning report, as you see there are both expensive  and cheap items. I don’t promote the cheap ones but people usually buy small items(accessories, food etc.) and you get you a commission for them too. They also help you increase your commission rate. The $2944 item is a coffee machine and brings $206.09 commission for me.

Sample search on Google, we see people search for reviews

So here are my favorite niches and product categories to promote as an Amazon affiliate:

  • Home & Garden: There are lots of things that are uncovered by big websites under this category. Also, the price range of the products is great.
  • Gadgets: They are easy to write about in a style like, “Ten best gadgets for your office”, and people like to buy them as a gift, especially for Christmas.
  • Baby Products and Toys: Parents buy lots of things when it is about their children, there is a large selection of baby products on Amazon. Think about feeding bottles, toys, baby monitors, strollers etc.
  • Fitness Equipment: If you would like to promote high ticket items, fitness category is  great. It is fun to blog about fitness if you are also a physically active person, but there is a good competition on fitness category.

But these are only my ideas, there are people who only blogs about stand mixers or animal vacuum cleaners and making 10 times more than me every month, so search the net and you will have an understanding which products are best to promote.


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