Beginner Affiliate Marketer Mistakes

beginnerThe world of affiliate marketing can seem confusing when you are a beginner.  You can think, it is nearly impossible to make money as an affiliate or  it is very easy and you will get commissions after a week. Both of these ideas will make you fail. So you must understand why making money with affiliate marketing is not a very complex or a very easy job. Many beginners fail at the beginning because of the same common mistakes. If you avoid these common mistakes from the first day, you will save lots of time and make your first commission sooner.

So here are some common things you should avoid as a beginner in affiliate marketing.


Choosing the Wrong Niche

Choose a niche that you have an interest and know about. Don’t simply choose a niche just because you think it has a huge market and many other people doing well in that niche.

To make money online as an affiliate, you must start with a niche you like to write/create content about and also, stay away from niches with very high competition or too broad. Do not forget, you probably start online marketing because don’t like what you do  your daily job or you think you don’t get what you deserved. If you select a niche you don’t like to write about, it will be like working in a 9-5 job, but this time without any money. If you started a website on a niche you don’t like to work on, quit it and start another one, it is never late.

Not having a Plan

Stay away from your computer, get a notebook and a pencil, do your plan. But do not try to reinvent the wheel, read the blogs and forums about affiliate marketing. Visit and spend some time on good websites with affiliate offers. Try to understand why they organize their site that way, see how many posts they post in a week now, in the first days. With this information shape your plan and set some small targets like;

  • I will use WordPress
  • Every week I will post 4 blog posts
  • I will outsource things like logo design…
  • I will start to promote products 2 months later
  • I will open some social accounts
  • I will also collect emails and build a list
  • I will have categories such as “blue widgets”, “red widgets”, etc.

Very Poor Budget or No Budget

Affiliate marketing is one of the cheapest online business models to start with. When you’re first beginning your first affiliate blog you don’t have to spend much, but sometimes people avoid spending even a dollar. Make a budget for your plan. Start with getting a hosting account and a domain name. They cost very little and you will have many features and a professional looking website you cannot have with the free options.

Monetizing Sites Too Early Or With Too Many Ads

I know you are very excited about your website and feel like visitors watching as you publish your great content but here are the news, this is not happening. First, create some content and try to get some real visitors from search engines and social media (No your parents, friends, and girlfriend do not count).

Starting with ads in the first day will decrease your content/ad ratio which is bad for SEO. Also, it will slow your website and avoid you focus on the content. You can start adding some affiliate offers and ads after you start to get some daily visitors from search engines.  And one to two ads  and some in text links are good enough for any small blog, people do not like websites with lots of banner ads.

Spending All Budget at Startup

As we talk in the no budget mistake, spending a lot of money when you are a beginner is another common problem. If you have a good budget to start affiliate marketing it is great, but if you don’t know the basic it means nothing. So consider spending an amount for the basic things like hosting, domain and a theme and keep the rest for later.  You can use in the future for some plugins, outsourcing content or SEO after you develop your website and learn basics of affiliate marketing that will produce results.

Not Posting Consistently

Do not start fast and then stop posting on your blog or creating content for your website. Think about it as a marathon, if you even only post two or three times every week, you have a website with 150 posts in a year, which is bigger than most blogs and websites.

If you are on a good day and write multiple posts think of schedule it for later. WordPress has this feature built-in. Search engines like websites that updated frequently. I suggest you read this post on ProBlogger, it has some solid ideas about finding good topics for your next blog post.

Focusing on Numbers Instead of Quality Content

Posting consistently is important but do not sacrifice quality to reach your weekly targets. Having quality content that helps your visitors on your website is the key to the success in affiliate marketing. If the content is not good they will visit your website or blog before reading the first paragraph. So avoid focusing on quantity, rather than quality as most beginner affiliate marketers do.

Neglecting Social Media

You must realize the importance of social media and think it as a great way of reaching real people. Many successful affiliates using social media as their number one source of traffic. Also, add social media buttons to your website, it makes easy for the people to share things they like on your blog.

Looking to the Website Statistics Every Hour

Do not click on the web statistics every hour to see if people visiting your website. A new website or blog will not get much traffic in the first months. Focus on the content, people will come for the content, not for the nice looking theme or the great header logo you designed for your website.


Not Building a List

Building a list is a great way to connect with your visitors. It is also a great way to connect them again and again, so build an email list. With an email list, you can reach people who already have interests in your niche. So start building an email list from day one.

Don’t Be Obsessed by Appearance of Your Website

Again a common beginners mistake, do not spend days for making your website look great. Make it look professional enough and make sure it works as expected in different browsers and your smartphone, that’s all. Probably, after some time, you will change your theme, as I’ve said countless times previously focus on the content.

Remember every person and every online opportunity is different, so there can be times you must act fast and neglect some of the warnings here. Other times as a beginner try to avoid them,  I see many people give up their online journey in a very short time because of this common mistakes.

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