Amazon Affiliate Linking Strategies


Content is very important, but if you do not know how to and when to send your readers to Amazon, you will not get what you deserve as an affiliate marketer. Here are my tips about linking to Amazon in your content to maximize your commissions.

Bestseller and Top ten Lists
If you do not like to write long review type articles, go with “top ten” type articles. Put an image of each product and write a small description below. These type of posts are fun and easy to write. They are also easy to share in social media like Pinterest.
Show Related Products and Accessories
Most of the online customers do not buy a single item when they shop online. If they buy a smartphone they will probably also buy a cover for it, likewise, if a person buys a printer he will also buy a paper pack. So showing related products and accessories will make your content richer and remind people to buy extra things. Remember the more items you sell the more commission percentage you will reach each month.
Focus on in content text links
If you have a review or an article on your blog in content links are best. People usually do not pay click to buttons or images if they are interested what they are reading. So link to two to three times in the content. You can suggest them to visit that link to get more information. Or tell them to click the link to see the current price of the item. Always put a link at the end of each  post about the product, so they can directly visit via you link instead of opening a new tab on their browsers.
Send people to the product’s page to get more information
Put an image or text link after you list a products specs or features. Amazon really has lots of information on the products page. You can also remind people to read customer reviews at and direct them to the review page with your affiliate link.
Link images to product page
Link some of the images to the product page, people want to see the details of the product and Amazon has a zoom image feature on their website.
Use Buy Now image buttons
Most people do not like clicking “buy now” button because they think it will open a page with forms asking them to fill their credit card details etc. So make it obvious that they will be directed to Amazon. So you can use buttons with text like; “Available at on Amazon”, “Buy now at Amazon”.

Here is a screenshot of my Amazon earnings for a single tracking ID, so I know how that website and link type performing.

Use separate Amazon tracking ID’s for different link types
Do not just use one of this linking strategies, mix them and try different thing to see which one is working with your content. To track which ones are making most conversions and generating clicks use separate tracking IDs for each type of your link. Also, use different tracking IDs for different blog and websites.

For example;
blog1-img-20: Blog 1 image links
blog1-cont-20:Blog 1 in content links
blog2-img-20: Blog 2 image links
blog1-cont-20:Blog 2 in content links

So each month you can inspect what is working and what is not, and change accordingly.

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