About Me

about-meWelcome to my internet marketing blog where I’m sharing monthly income reports and things I’ve learnt so far in my online adventure.

I am a 32-year-old electronics engineer, who enjoys reverse engineering the methods of successful marketers. I’m also an experienced C++ programmer which helps me programming some internet marketing related tools to make things easier for me.

I have not quit my daily job and don’t know if I want to quit someday, in fact, I love to be an engineer so it is not related to my level of online income. Online marketing helps me live the way I want and help me feel more financially secure.

I created this site both to track my progress and to help beginners about online marketing and other passive income methods. I am not an expert, just a guy who tries to find new methods to generate some side income, so I think my tips will help ordinary people more than so-called online gurus, who continuously try to sell dreams.

Also, I am aware that my English is not good enough, but try to do my best for you by supporting my posts with pictures, graphs, and screenshots. Hope my monthly online income reports will motivate you about your internet marketing efforts.