5 Things You Don’t Want to Hear About Affiliate Marketing


You need to work to be successful

I think ,  affiliate marketing  is one of  the easiest types of things you can do to earn money after you get the wheel  running. So you must work  hard until you set up your system.  This was the mindset I had when I had started out on the road today. In the first months I was working  4-8 hours a day(creating  websites, writing content, learning SEO etc.) and now I only  spend 1-3 hours daily to keep things going.  On the other hand, if you want to  make decent money, you must work more. I know people who are very successful affiliate marketers but still work 8-10 hours a day.


Organic traffic from Search Engines Is the Best

Do not think  you will make lots of money by buying cheap traffic. There is nothing better than getting organic traffic from search engines. People search for the things they are interested using search engines and these people are 100 times better than people sent by  cheap  advertising companies.

Build a list

Build your list and so that you can reach the people on your list again and again, anytime. There are lots of good tutorials on the web about list building.

Not targeted traffic means no traffic

Not targeted traffic is nothing but some good numbers in your analytics account. If you are promoting, let’s say, baby monitors but the people visit your website are mostly old guys who are into woodworking or worse, your visitors have random interests, you won’t make any money from that traffic. As I said above, organic traffic is the best for affiliate websites.

Outsource some of the works, don’t try to do everything alone

Nobody like spending money on the tasks that he or she can do, but the most important thing is time management.

The online world is like the real world, there are things you can’t learn or do in a couple of hours or days. When we have a thing to be fixed in the house we call a repairman or when we need something that is available at the store we simply go and get it, not to try to make it ourselves. So do not let some simple tasks avoid you from doing major tasks, learn how to outsource things you are not good at or not willing to spend time on.





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